GoPro – HD Hero Wrist Housing

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The GoPro HD Wrist Housing is for the HD HERO camera for capturing as much of the action as possible. The housing mounts to your wrist so you can capture the action without having to hold the camera.


Thanks to its design, the camera can be worn securely flat on your wrist but can quickly pivot upright for aiming the shot. Even in this upright position, the camera is securely attached to your wrist. This makes it easy to grab your surfboard or paddle, and still have both hands free. The camera can also be strapped to your kayak paddle or the leading edge of kitesurfing kites. This allows the kitesurfer to film their entire session looking down from above, as though they had a private helicopter camera crew following them while they surf.

Wrist Strap
Mounts to your wrist or to sports gear, the adjustable neoprene strap is adjustable from a child’s wrist to fitting over the ski jacket sleeve of an adult
Light & Small
Housing is so small and light it can be used for other sports including skiing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing, as well as shooting in bad weather conditions
Stylish Protection
Hard plastic housing shields camcorder from sand, rain, snow, and other moisture
Usable Depth
Offers waterproof protection down to 180′ (54.86m) deep