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MX SELECT has revolutionised in-home strength training with new alternatives in the selectable dumbbell and barbell categories. Combining fitness innovation with unparalleled design, you won’t be disappointed with the way these adjustable dumbbells feel in the hand.

Just like the free weight systems used in commercial gyms, our new MX55 adjustable dumbbells allow you to change weights seamlessly between reps, delivering all the pro-style features you would expect from gym quality fixed dumbbells.

Select the MX55 dumbbells for the ultimate weight training experience.
Rapid weight selection
Quality engineering

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Adjustable Dumbbell Features

Steel craftsmanship
looks, feels and functions just like a pro-style dumbbell

Perfect balance
length of weight shortens evenly each side, as less weight is selected

Quiet smooth operation
changing weight does not involve handling the weight

No protruding knobs or ends
selector dials recess into dumbbell collars after weight selection

Open handle design
biomechanical and ergonomic precision

Unique rack and pinion design
securely locks dumbbell weight plates into an immovable position

Exceptional value
price per pound is close to the average for most models

Easy to handle
dumbbell handset can be removed and replaced at 180 degrees

A design so compact it fits perfectly into your lifestyle

The pro-style design of the MX55 adjustable dumbbells is unmatched in the free weights market. Offering unmatched selectorised weight performance, the MX55 dumbbell’s sleek form and unique safety features inspire fresh confidence and interest from lifting enthusiasts.While there are many exciting features to the MX SELECT patented¹ adjustable dumbbell design, the MX55’s best-selling point is the way it feels in the hand, combined with the smooth operation of the locking rack and pinion system, for seamless weight transition between reps.

Adjustable dumbbells loved by fitness fanatics

Our team of engineers and expert designers have drawn on their passion for fitness innovation to create an adjustable dumbbell system that will challenge any potential adjustable dumbbells rival in the market. The result speaks for itself – from its unique sculpted form to perfect balance and function, the MX55 will be loved by fitness fanatics who who use dumbbells in their training routines.