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GoPro – BacPac Extension Cable

RM145.00 RM72.50

GoPro – Fetch (Dog Harness)

RM199.00 RM159.00

GoPro – Surfboard Mounts

RM99.00 RM79.20

GoPro – WiFi Attachment Rings and Keys

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – Gooseneck


GoPro – The Jam

RM249.00 RM199.20

GoPro – Hero4 Silver Screen Protectors

RM52.00 RM26.00

GoPro – Sportsman Mount

RM319.00 RM159.50

GoPro – Magenta Dive Filter (for Dive Housing)

RM319.00 RM159.50

GoPro – Windslayer

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – Floaty Back Door

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – HD Hero Wrist Housing

RM229.00 RM91.60

GoPro – Wrist Housing

RM229.00 RM114.50

GoPro – Lens Replacement Kit

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – Combo Cable

RM145.00 RM72.50

GoPro – Composite Cable

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – 3D Hero System

RM449.00 RM179.60

GoPro – Protective Lens

RM99.00 RM49.50

GoPro – Screen Protectors (HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black/HERO 2018)


GoPro – NVG Mount


GoPro – Fusion


GoPro – Micro HDMI Cable


GoPro – Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount (for HERO Session cameras)


GoPro – Jaws Flex Clamp