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YikeBike, Synergy Model, Black Half Carbon [Black Half C]

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Black Half C
Endurance Accessories Pack:
This pack includes the Battery Back Pack which will allow the rider to double the rideable distance.

Identity Accessory Pack:
You can customize the colour of your YikeBike to represent your own identity.

1. All product orders are subject to stock availability.
2. The product is only available for Malaysian customers.

World’s First
The YikeBike is a world's first in design, application & technology. Weighing just 12.4kg the YikeBike is the smallest folding electric bike in the world. With the ability to fold up or unfold in just 15 seconds and travel at 23km/hr you will never have to worry about getting to that meeting across town again.

Design Focused
The YikeBike is as versatile in everyday life as it is beautiful. Using the latest construction technology and materials, every component is produced and then tested to ensure maximum durability.

Pure Enjoyment
Riding has never been more fun. Experience the joy gliding down the street!

Safety Conscious
The YikeBike has been developed with safety in mind. It is the world's first electric mini farthing to have anti-skid regenerative brakes. That means you can stop with confidence on nearly any surface while charging up the battery for maximum efficiency.

Always visible
The YikeBike advanced LED light system is ON constantly so you can be seen at all times. Turning lights, brake lights, rear lights, turning signals and hazard lights functions are included.

Seen the price of petrol lately? The YikeBike can be charged from any power outlet in the world for less than US$0.01 per km of travel.

Always Convenient
The YikeBike goes wherever you need to go, folding up to such a small size the YikeBike can be used to extend your commute from a car, train, bus or plane. You’ll never have to worry about locking your investment to a bike rack again, just take the YikeBike with you.

Go Green
The YikeBike is the perfect tool to reduce your carbon footprint and replace it with a very earth friendly tire tread.

Global Delivery
The YikeBike folds into such a small package that it can be sent straight to your front door, anywhere in the world, usually within one week.

Inherently Stable
The YikeBike has been designed to be ridden at speed without having to worry about bumps and potholes. The larger 20” front wheel can safely drive over most bumps and through most potholes, and the rear wheel easily follows.

Including Carry Bag, Bike Stand, Fast Charger, delivery and tax.

Add-ons / Additional Charges:

  RM9,645.30 RM13,779.00

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