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Whoosh! Diamond Defense [1FGDDENFR]

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Diamond Defense™ is an innovative liquid coating that provides superior scratch resistance to your screen to keep it looking like new.  With Diamond Defense™, you no longer need to add a ‘peel n’ stick’ layer to protect your screen from scratches.


  • SUPERIOR SCRATCH RESISTANCE sDiamond Defense™ creates a nano-thin, invisible layer of protection that modifies that surface of the screen. Making your screen glass up to 15X stronger.
  • FITS ALL SMARTPHONES Our liquid screen protector fits any brand or model because you apply it with a wipe! It also works on devices such as tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and laptops. 
  • INVISIBLE + EASY TO APPLY In 2-steps Diamond Defense™ is the easiest screen protector you can apply to your screen. 
  • NO BUBBLES Diamond Defense™ does not add a layer of plastic or glass on your screen. So there is no bubbles or glue residue to worry about. 



  • 1 Screen Clean Wipe
  •  1 Diamond Defense™ Wipe
  • 1 Antimicrobial microfiber treated cloth



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