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V988 [V988]

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Now enhance your fitness in the comfort of your own home at your convenience

SilverMink V-988 Body Slim System is an innovative and electronically controlled exercise system using vibration massage technology specifically designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and a slimming regiment.

Experience stimulation of the circulatory system, a targeted relaxing massage. Has been recognized by United States' FDA UL and Canada's CSA, and passed ISO9002 product requirement test. ISO9002. UL File No.A8268. FDA Own/Operator No. 9040456. CAS Certificate No. 1093339(LR 96401-28)

Specifically designed with a vibrating wave motion that goes straight to your problem areas, the Belt Massager will relax sore muscles and massage your waist and hips with the same action

  • Reduce muscle tension.
  • Soothe muscle discomfort.
  • A great machine for a weight reduction/excercise program.
  • Massage & tone waist, hips, shoulders, thighs and calves.
  • Relaxing, pleasant and calming.


You can adjust to a suitable speed without needing to constrain yourself to a single machine speed. You can choose.
The bumps on the massage plate can stimulate the body acupuncture points with a strong spiral vibration. The effect is stimulating and invigorating, as it moves and opens up the vital systems of the body.

Using the V-988 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Before Use:

  • Always stand on machine and position belt prior to starting the machine.
  • Start at 5 minutes and work different body parts consecutively.

Using The Fitness Belt:

  • Before using the machine, switch to position (I) (slow).
  • Then switch to position (II) (high).
  • Switch to position (0) (off).

  • After Use:

    • Drink at least 250cc of water after each session.

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