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Airwheel X8 Electric Unicycle

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Airwheel X8 Electric Unicycle

Performance of Airwheel X8

  • Maximun Speed-About 18 km/h-11mph ( alert activated at 12km/h-7.5mph )
  • Range per Charge-18- 23km / 11- 15miles(may vary with rider’ weight road condition and temperature)
  • Safe Climbing Angle-About 15°( riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
  • Battery-170Wh Lithium ( protection board with SOC equalization)
  • Temperature--10℃~40℃ (best at 20℃-30℃)
  • Weight Limit-120Kg
  • Charge Voltage-AC 220V /AC 110V
  • Charge Time-170Wh :120min (80% charged in 80min)


  • Size-Height 497mm, Length 450mm, Thickness 168mm
  • Size-Height 497mm, Length 450mm, Thickness 168mm
  • Tire Size-Diameter 420mm
  • Main Body Weight-11.1 kg

  • Safety Measures

    • Tilting Protection-45°side-to-side on average (motor stalls when tilting over 45°
    • Speed Limit Protection-Activated over 12km/h-7.5mph (front part of padd le will rise to prevent further acceleration)
    • Low Battery Protection-Activated on 15% power battery C front part of paddle will nse to decelerate till fully stop)

    • Power and Error Indication LED Power Indicators (red when turned on , blinks when protection activated)
    • Battery Power LED Power Level Indicators ( four bars on when battery power over 85%; off one by one as power level drops)
    • Alert Sound Beep (beep when powered on; continual beep when power leve l is dangerous ly low)
    • Alert Sound Long buzz (long buzz when tilting sideways)

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