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Airwheel S3

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The revolutionary platform transportation!

  • S3 is an incredible revolutionary design with built in speakers and wireless bluetooth connection. Capable of incredible distances from 36-40 miles on a single battery charge, the S3 is easy to use for all!
  • Hold the handle and lean in the direction you wish to go! – Just lean more to go faster!
  • The standing platform is wide enough for all users to comfortably stand, with the handle bar at a comfortable height for all users. The unit comes with a display screen and 2 remote controls. The display shows the battery life, speed and miles achieved. The remote controls the head lights and power.
  • Built in bluetooth speakers
  • 1000 W Motor
  • 36-40 miles distance
  • 12 Mph speed
  • 22Kg Weight
  • Charge time 4 Hrs

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