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Save up to 95% on international data roaming.

Keep your favorite gadgets connected around the world with the only personal WiFi hotspot that provides unlimited, fast, secure internet at one low, flat rate worldwide.
LIMITED TIME: Get 3 free 24-hour global day passes!

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How Skyroam Hotspot Works




Skyroam is a top-of-the-line WiFi hotspot device. It’s effective design provides connection without interruption for wherever travelers may roam. With 4G network performance and unlimited 2.5GB data, users receive a total of 500MB of 4G data a day, reducing down to no less than 2.5GB unlimited data after hitting the 500MB daily limit for 4G data. Rather than using SIM card technology, Skyroam automatically connects to the user’s cellular carrier throughout border crossings. It’s light, compact, and hand-held hotspot design measures 4.2in x 2.3in x 0.8in and weighs only 2.4 ounces. The device includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is pre-configured to connect to a variety of cellular networks.
In addition to its size and function of design, Skyroam is also easy to use. Once the device is powered up, the user simply presses “Start” and immediately taps into unlimited data communication, ready for traveling. Regardless of location, Skyroam’s cloud SIM technology enables it to automatically scan for the best available signal as soon as it’s turned on. This feature makes using the Skyroam that much easier, as it avoids keeping track of and swapping out SIM cards while you’re on the move. That’s right—no more alternating SIM cards!

Available Skyroam Plans
Being a traveller himself, Jing Liu and Skyroam’s engineers designed available plans to be as versatile and varied as the users, keeping in mind one’s travels are more important than keeping track of one’s data while abroad. These flexible packages have been divided into two pricing plans designed to accommodate budget and travel time, with the added perk of day passes:
Option 1
The first option acts as a simple rental service with no strings attached. Rent the device for as long as you need. This is a great option for those that may not travel frequently enough to invest in purchasing the device and includes a payment of $9.95 for every 24 hours.
Option 2
The second option includes purchasing the hotspot device and activating its service whenever traveling. This option is recommended for more frequent travelers and includes a flat rate of $8.00 a day, no matter how many borders are crossed.
Day Passes
To avoid paying for days in which the hotspot service was not accessed, day passes may be purchased for even greater flexibility, granting unlimited data for a 24 hour period on up to 5 devices at once.
Skyroam International WiFi Hotspot welcomes travelers with reliable service plans to help stay connected, no matter where they go. Those who take advantage of Skyroam happily avoid more expensive international plans typically offered by cellular services. With flexible and convenient plans to choose from, Skyroam enables the use of up to 5 mobile devices simultaneously and provides service throughout 6 continents and over 100 countries. Due to its patented virtual SIM technology, roaming fees, alternating SIM cards, and other inconveniences that go along with staying connected while traveling are a thing of the past. Skyroam delivers reliable connectivity at affordable and flexible rates, granting users the freedom to have and share their adventures continuously and carefree. Before packing that nap-sack and trekking across the globe, prepare to enhance your travels with Skyroam International WiFi Hotspot.